Equator Principles Disaster Projects

Equator Banks claim they have adopted the Equator Principles to ensure that the projects they finance and advise on “are developed in a manner that is socially responsible and reflects sound environmental management practices”. Adopting banks also “recognize the importance of climate change, biodiversity, and human rights, and believe negative impacts on project-affected ecosystems, communities, and the climate should be avoided where possible”. Yet, despite these words in the preamble of the Equator Principles, the world is awash with ‘Equator compliant’ projects that (are about to) wreck the climate and trample Indigenous Peoples’ rights.

Examples of such disaster projects are presented below. They are divided in two categories: projects that already secured finance under the Equator Principles, and projects where we know Equator Banks are lining up to finance, but have not yet signed the loan. We will add more examples as this campaign proceeds.

You can find more examples of 'Equator projects' on the BankTrack website

Equator Banks, Act!
Stop financing Climate Disasters
Respect Indigenous People's Rights and Territories


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