Equator Principles Disaster Projects

During their annual meeting in Brazil (October, 2017), the Equator Banks acknowledged that the current version of the Equator Principles needs a full update, that will consider "the key issues of scope of applicability, human rights (inclusives of the rights of Indigenous Peoples), and climate change". This is exactly what our campaign is asking for, as the current Equator Principles still allow Equator Banks to finance projects that (are about to) wreck the climate and trample Indigenous Peoples' rights. 

Examples of such disaster projects are presented below. They are divided in two categories: projects where we know Equator Banks are lining up to finance, but have not yet signed the loan, and projects that already secured finance under the Equator Principles.

During the revision process of the Equator Principles, we will add more examples to show the urgency for the Euqator Banks to come up with a new version of the Principles that has much stronger commitments on climate change and Indigenous Peoples' rights.

You can find more examples of 'Equator projects' on the BankTrack website

Equator Banks, Act!
Stop financing Climate Disasters
Respect Indigenous People's Rights and Territories


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